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Artificial Intelligence has rapidly progressed from something in the background of our lives to something we interact with directly—for some of us, on a daily basis. In the last few months, I’ve become obsessed with AI, playing with AI art generators like Midjourney and chatting endlessly with AI bots from ChatGPT to Character AI. Perhaps you’ve become obsessed as well. Let’s explore this obsession together in a blog that covers the culture and technology of AI, its social and political implications, and the potential dangers it could bring.

I’ll use this blog to talk about everything from chatbot love to the possible end of human civilization. I’ll highlight serious issues about AI ethics and share silly experiments with generative AI art. I’ll try to make sense of the growing impact of AI on all of our lives, including my own.

As a journalist with decades of experience writing about culture and technology, I think I’m uniquely positioned to cover the AI renaissance and tease out its deeper meanings. I’ve written for a variety of publications over the years, including the New York Times, New York magazine, the Washington Post, Vice, and Salon, and I’ve spent more than a decade as a blogger at We Hunted the Mammoth. I approach this blog as both an enthusiast and a worrier. I hope it will both entertain you and make you think.

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