Sitemap - 2023 - My AI Obsession

AI companions aren't docile little Stepford Wives. Not yet, and hopefully not ever

How releasing the Llama 2 language model as open source could come back to bite Meta, and all of us, in the ass ... at least according to Llama 2

That robot press conference at the United Nations was a really bad idea

Is it Replika's fault that some dude tried to kill Queen Elizabeth with a crossbow?

Replika: The world's least loving lovebot?

Can a companion bot designed for sex really give consent?

And another thing: The creepiest bits in Marc Andreessen's anti-AI-doomer rant

Marc Andreessen's attempted takedown of the AI doomers is wrong and stupid and not really a takedown at all

Should you bring children into a world disrupted by AI?

Quick take: Nobody puts baby in a corset

People are having sex with ChatGPT

I have no prompt and I must scream

Chatbots on the verge of a nervous breakdown

I Prompt the Body Electric

Is it so wrong to spend two hours a day chatting with bots? How about twelve?

I tried the right-wing chatbot GIPPR, and I don't think it likes me very much

Jackson Pollock, House Painter

We need to understand consciousness before we even consider building conscious AIs. (And seriously, why would we?)

Awkward Prom Pics, with Robots

"My AI girlfriend broke up with me"

Gender reveal party attacked by shark

I asked AI to Create a New Yorker Cartoon for Me. It Didn't Go So Well.

Jesus on an iPhone

Pretty fakes and somewhat sentient AIs

There's a culture war brewing over "woke AI" but The Atlantic can't see it

Are you nice to ChatGPT? Should you be?

(Philip K.) Dick pics: Do AIs dream of electric sheep?

Is ChatGPT part of a globalist conspiracy to force you to eat bugs? One idiot says yes

Friday Five: Will AI art free your mind?

Critics are battering that "AI Pause" letter. But it's still worth signing

Sex returns to the Replika AI companion app, but not everyone is feeling the love

Men Crying Together With Cheeseburgers

AI Links 1: Botpocalypse Now

Would ChatGPT cook up the family cat?

Google's Bard loves conspiracy theories too much

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